Wednesday the 19th of August 2020 / kl 17:00 / GRATIS entre
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On 19th August the world will end. The best view will be from Art Room 1000fryd. We say this with confidence, as artists, attuned to the shifting sands of culture and time. Don’t panic! The world has ended many times. Once more won’t hurt. If you look at it on Wikipedia you can see not just where, but when. We are in good company. A mere five hundred and sixteen years ago Botticelli did the same. Don’t panic! Little will change. Even after the apocalypse Amazon will deliver. Indeed their warehouses will carry on as normal, for what does a robot know of the end times? Perhaps we will even get an extra toilet break. Don’t panic! Refreshments will be provided. We would hate for you to go hungry. We would hate for anyone to go hungry.

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Nathan Anthony, Philip Glazer, Frank Zimmermann, JDA Winslow