Friday the 6th of March 2020 / kl 21:30 / entre 50 DKK
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Bogwife Release Show

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Først og fremmest:
Koncerten overholder alle gældende sikkerhedskrav og tilpasses løbende. Publikumsrummet er inddelt i felter med behørig afstand til hinanden. De har borde, der hver har to eller tre siddepladser. Billetter sælges i bundter af to eller tre, så man kun sidder sammen med dem, man følges med. Der er således plads til 30 publikummer. Der er derudover værnemidler, stor forsigtighed og god stemning.
This show will mark the release of Bogwife's debut-album Halls of Rebirth. After quite some time of waiting and hoping to be able to play a "normal" concert to mark the release of their debut-album, Bogwife have have now ran out of time before they head back in studio to record their second full-length in february 2021. But the record deserves a good show to mark the release, so here it is!
About the band:
Bogwife is a four-piece stoner rock band influenced by doom and psychedelic. The band is from Aalborg - a city in the northern part of Denmark and was formed in 2018. The band takes its name from an old southern Scandinavian folktale about a mythical creature that lives in the bog and creates a thick mist that sometimes encapsulates rural areas.
"This is genuinely one of the best stoner records I have heard in a while. Bogwife manages to deliver a perfect equilibrium of groove, atmosphere, tone and, most importantly, quality song-writing. Every tune is full of hooks and catchy melodies, and when you combine that with a sound that’s both expansive and dense, you get one hell of an album. The Bogwife is brewing something, and what she’s brewing is utterly delicious!" - The Sleeping Shaman
"As I often trudge through the deep, dark depths of the heavy underground’s murky mire, I often stubble across some unknown piece peering up out of the water at me. What I saw and heard was a solid mix of petrified and epic lead guitar and a pounding rhythm section that captures the tenor of the time. Bogwife offers their listeners a mead soaked representation of what heavy can be in 2020." - Robert Pannell at the Doom Charts July 2020