Friday the 19th of November 2021 / kl 21:00 / entre 60 DKK

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Hexis is the epitome of DIY. Self-taught, hard-working and hard-hitting, they learned early on that if you want to go somewhere, you have to make it happen yourself. This approach has resulted in more than 700 shows across continents from Faroe Islands to New Zealand and from Cuba to Mongolia.

The band’s distinct sound combines the energy from hardcore with black metal and elements of sludge and doom. They are acclaimed for their albums as well as their intense live shows that have brought them to festivals like Roskilde, Bloodstock, Roadburn and Ieper Fest.


Formed in 2015, the vision for Copenhagen-based TRWLR was to merge the tattered, uncompromising aesthetics of black metal, the groove from metalcore and the majestic, spectacular sounds of modern death metal. The storytelling in TRWLR’s music takes thematic inspiration in the ocean. One moment a beautiful, life-giving beneficiary for humankind, the next a fear-invoking bringer of death with its infernal storms that encapsulate seafarers, drowning their hopes and aspirations in its waves.

The band transformed their vision into art with the release of 2016’s debut album ‘Vastare Mare’. They are currently working on their sophomore release.