Thursday the 18th of November 2021 / kl 20:00 / entre 50 DKK
Beauty Club (KĂžbenhavn)
Aske (local)

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Beauty Club is an exclusive organization dedicated to the research and promotion of beauty. Its three red-dressed, bandana-wearing spokespeople are Person Boom Boom Boom Boom, Tomas Elle Stun and Pony Thunders by the powers of guitar, bass and drums, as absurd, dangerous and groovy as their music.
From the shadows of the Scandinavian dreamland and as a funeral fanfare on the times of the death of truth, this group of experts of nothing find great deals of beauty on the paradoxes, contradictions and hypocrisies of modern controls, violences, wills and identities of here and now.
Word of mouth is spreading rapidly about the raw expression of their open conferences, full of impact and body-shaking. They are no one and they have nothing to lose. They take a pulse to our definitions with speaking volumes of loud rhythm.
Beauty Club are the future of dumpster-diving.