Sunday the 1st of May 2022 / kl 19:30 / entre 100 DKK
Dagoba (FRA)
Infected Rain (MDA)
Once Awake (NO)

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Modern metallers DAGOBA are back! After putting their stamp on the metal scene with their unique blend of metal and neckbreaking grooves, relentlessly touring and sharing the stage with legendary acts like METALLICA, MACHINE HEAD, and IN FLAMES, DAGOBA have signed with leading Austrian metal label Napalm Records to bring their career to the next level. On the new single “The Hunt”, the four-piece is back with their most ambitious material yet: punishing vocals, groove and modern metal infused guitars and hard-hitting production make this song feel like DAGOBA are on top of their game, pushing their boundaries and incorporating electronic elements seamlessly into their groove metal formula! “The Hunt” will be available as a standalone single, as well as a limited 7” Vinyl that features an exclusive Remix of “The Hunt”, showcasing how far DAGOBA can take their electronic influences on their upcoming material – a must-have for true fans of modern metal!


International modern metal band INFECTED RAIN is thrilled to announce that they have entered the studio to begin recording their upcoming fifth full-length album! Frontwoman Lena Scissorhands has issued an official update from the studio, hinting at what’s coming next with their music and conceptual themes.


Once Awake is a Norwegian 4 piece fuzzing metalcore/melodic death metal and heavy, groovy riffs, with a touch of Djent. With layers of sounds paving like a wave, back and forth, always making you move to the groove.
In just four years having released three albums and the fourth in the making, they proove to be a serious and hardworking band.
In 2020 the band was handpicked by Slipknot to a spot on the "Pulse of the Maggots Fest”, an online festival with performances from 20 of the the most exciting up-and-coming artists in the world. Pulse of the Maggots is’s brand dedicated solely to spotlighting emerging artists that bring creativity, originality and excitement to the growing aggressive community.
Touring Russia and Norway before the pandemic hit, and with millions of views and streams, Once Awake show that they have a solid base of fans around the world.
Now it's time to let the beast out of the cage again and show live what monstrous energy and passion lies within this powerfull quartet.