Vi har fået påbud fra kommunen om, at vi ikke længere må spille højt til koncerter - i praksis vil vi ikke længere kunne spille livemusik, hvilket er grundlaget for vores driftstøtte og eksistens.

Nabobygningen er opført med utilstrækkelig lydisolering, og under byggeriet advarede vi om, at det kunne føre til problemer, og det er nu gået i opfyldelse.

Vi har en underskriftskampagne her -


We have received a request from the municipality, stating that we can no longer play loud music at concerts - this means in practice that we can no longer play livemusic, which is the bedrock of our existence.

The neighboring apartments have bad sound isolation, which is something we warned about, when they constructed it.

There is a signature campaign here -


Throughout the past 40 years, many people have had personal and shared experiences at 1000fryd!

We want to save 1000fryd, because it is full of history and it contributes greatly to the cultural life in Aalborg.

Friday the 9th of December 2022 / kl 20:00 / entre 60 DKK
Tvivler (KBH)
and Support

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X-mas comes early in 2022, the mighty Tvivler and their compatriots in SVIN will make you forget all about x-mas parties and friggin' glögg and rock the santa socks off your winter beaten feet - expect some good local support as well!!

Tvivler is Morten Ogstrup Nielsen (bass), Thomas Feltheim (guitar), Morten Clausen (drums) and Thomas Burø (vocals). In 2014, the band was formed on an ambition to write fast, dirty, intimate and violent music. That ambition was expressed in 2015 - 2017 in the form of three EP’s under the title Negativ Psykologi #1-3, and shows in Denmark, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2017, Tvivler performed at Roskilde Festival and went on to compose what was to become EGO.
All band members have been active on the Danish scene for a long time. Feltheim and Clausen were in the hardcore band Children of Fall and mathrock outlet Obstacles, Burø sang for Lack, and Ogstrup is still active with Town Portal. Throughout these bands the
music has always been adventurous, expressive and energetic. Tvivler is the logical continuation of this spirit; it's a punk band with equal love for Blondie and Brutal Truth.

SVIN is an avant garde rock band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band has made their mark on the international music scene since debuting in 2011 with the album ‘Heimat’. After consolidating the current line-up, SVIN released their 5th album ‘Virgin Cuts’ in 2018. The album features music that drags the listener into a sonic loophole between noise-infested rock, drony landscapes, new age minimalism and dusty afro-tripping, drawing on heavy inspirations from nature, folklore, ceremonial music and avant-garde.
SVIN has performed at festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Eurosonic and by:Larm and has during the recent years toured extensively all over Europe, Russia and the Balkans. The band is a part of the programme “The Young Artistic Elite” from 2019 - 2022 supported by The Danish Arts Foundation. In 2019, SVIN was commissioned to compose music for the contemporary ensemble, Århus Sinfonietta, which premiered at Aarhus Festuge, and in January 2022, the music from this commision was released on the album ‘Elegi’.SVIN’s new and seventh album ‘Introducing SVIN’ expands on the trio’s bricolage aesthetics by adding a higher degree of electronics to the studio production. This delivers a robotic, futuristic feel of man and machine interwoven in a simultaneously manually operated and techo-mechanic musical multiverse. The cyborg-ish jazz rock vibes circulate in an musical reality with the natural and digital domains continuously shifting role and meaning, a stance visually reoccurring in the glitchy album artwork shaped by Ana Vujovic.
Upon entering the studio, the new material was more unpolished than at prior sessions with more left to chance and the spur of the moment during the two recording sessions with producer Jens Benz (Iceage a.o.). New paths was tread and collabs emerged with renowned singer Bisse and his twisted chant on ‘Bøn’ and ditto Marie Eline Hansen’s (Traening a.o.) calmly-anxious speak on album closer ‘Dødsensangst’ As ever, SVIN hits the sweet spot between improvisation and structure, keeping enough elastic to make the music breathe, break and creating head space for the listener within the strange, soothing intersectional sounds that makes up ‘Introducing SVIN’.