Vi har fået påbud fra kommunen om, at vi ikke længere må spille højt til koncerter - i praksis vil vi ikke længere kunne spille livemusik, hvilket er grundlaget for vores driftstøtte og eksistens.

Nabobygningen er opført med utilstrækkelig lydisolering, og under byggeriet advarede vi om, at det kunne føre til problemer, og det er nu gået i opfyldelse.

Vi har en underskriftskampagne her -


We have received a request from the municipality, stating that we can no longer play loud music at concerts - this means in practice that we can no longer play livemusic, which is the bedrock of our existence.

The neighboring apartments have bad sound isolation, which is something we warned about, when they constructed it.

There is a signature campaign here -


Throughout the past 40 years, many people have had personal and shared experiences at 1000fryd!

We want to save 1000fryd, because it is full of history and it contributes greatly to the cultural life in Aalborg.

Friday the 1st of March 2024 / kl 20:00 / entre 80 DKK
1000Fryd and Rocken present
Stormcrow (ITA)
Arkæon (Aarhus)

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The path of Stormcrow begins with the recording and auto production of the demo tape "Hell on Earth", with which the band starts to have visibility in the European underground scene. In fact, they are soon contacted by Christophe Spazdjiel, who offers to create the Stormcrow logo and organizes their first tour which took place in Belgium, and which will begin a period of intense live activity.

Some changes in the formation precede and follow the recording of the mini cd "Wounded Skies", in which Stormcrow show a new awareness both in songwriting and sound, always remaining laced with violent canons of the most extreme black metal.

The release of the mini cd "Wounded Skies" (2006) by the American label Dwell Records, earns long series of positive reviews and marks the definitive growth of the live activity of the band, which will have the honour to share the stage with bands as Enthroned, Shining, Hate, Vader, Negura Bunget, Mortuary Drape and Nefarium.

In the following period, Stormcrow worked on the stuff that will be part of the first full-length cd "Disposition to Tyranny". Disposition to Tyranny is the result of our anti-human visions, of our affinity with the stone, the peaks, the silence, and the ice, as a fractal it unfolds in ten different compositions, everyone self-determined yet tied together, marked with the combination of an attitude to fury and an underground melancholy that accompany every note. The lyrics propitiate the coming of the extra-moral age, chant our misanthropic inner dimension, and are a deep look into the chasm.

After the release of Disposition to Tyranny the band started doing live activities both in Italy and in Europe, supporting bands like Dark Funeral, Arch Enemy, Inquisition, Forgotten Tomb, Shining, Hate and being able to play at the prestigious Metal camp in Slovenia, at the Sequonian festivals in France and the Filth Fest in Germany always bringing the message of misanthropy and anti-humanity on every stage.

In the meantime, the band started writing new songs and texts all inspired by the travels to the sensations and experiences that only the peaks of our beloved Alps could give us.
Because of some differences, in 2015 the guitarist Narchost left the band. This led the band to look for a new guitarist to find him at the end of 2016 in Tohrus, founder of the Italian black-death metal band Elven, a member of the Norwegian doom band Syrach and a former member of the Norwegian death metal band Among Gods.

With the arrival of Tohrus, started and concluded the recordings that brought to light the new fulllength entitled "Face the Giant" composed of 8 tracks and characterized by the obscurity and speed of the most extreme black Metal infused with sharp riffs like ice and by monolithic drum parts like our mountain.

In 2019, the album “Face the Giant” comes out via Vacula Productions, enjoying excellent feedback which allowed the band to be added to several live shows and Festival in Italy and Europe, alongside bands such as Dark Funeral, Belphegor, Batushka, Diabolical, Sinister, Grima, Graveland and many

In 2021 Stormcrow announced the addition of Wraith as the band's full-time drummer, replacing Goorath, who parted ways on good terms.

The Italian band is currently busy with some recording sessions at ADSR/Decibel Studio in Milan, under the guidance of Carlo Meroni. Meanwhile, has also been collaborating with Magnus "Devo" Andersson of MARDUK, who will be overseeing the production and mastering.


Arkæon is a black metal trio formed in 2019. The music of Arkæon explores the concept of life framed as an ongoing and disgusting fable, back and forth between excretion and consumption. “A Tainted spark of life” from the primordial soup up to the humanoid vermin of today. The group compose their songs with both dissonance, melody and crushing complexity and thereby serves black metal to its audience in its most extreme state. This is also emphasized with the unusual constellation of bass and drums both doing vocals and has been described as “bewitching” as they twist themselves with every limb in ferocious expression of spite and agony.