Vi har fået påbud fra kommunen om, at vi ikke længere må spille højt til koncerter - i praksis vil vi ikke længere kunne spille livemusik, hvilket er grundlaget for vores driftstøtte og eksistens.

Nabobygningen er opført med utilstrækkelig lydisolering, og under byggeriet advarede vi om, at det kunne føre til problemer, og det er nu gået i opfyldelse.

Vi har en underskriftskampagne her -


We have received a request from the municipality, stating that we can no longer play loud music at concerts - this means in practice that we can no longer play livemusic, which is the bedrock of our existence.

The neighboring apartments have bad sound isolation, which is something we warned about, when they constructed it.

There is a signature campaign here -


Throughout the past 40 years, many people have had personal and shared experiences at 1000fryd!

We want to save 1000fryd, because it is full of history and it contributes greatly to the cultural life in Aalborg.

Sunday the 18th of February 2024 / kl 18:00 / GRATIS entre
Sunday Movie: Ovosodo

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Seven-year-old Piero lives in Livorno, a city along the coast of Tuscany, in a low-rent shantytown. Piero is forced to grow up at an early age after the death of his mother, leaving his father to raise him and his mentally challenged brother on his own. As Piero turns thirteen, his dad complicates matters by bringing his new girlfriend Mara to live with the family.
Directed by Paolo Virzì
Duration: 1h 40m
This event is free.
If you want to buy something from the cinema bar, we only take cash.